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So TJ and I got up early today….

March 19, 2012

at the crack of 10:00 a.m. (DC time)!!!! Thank goodness the maid knocked on the door or TJ and I might have slept all day!! And God bless that poor maid for having to try and not burst out laughing at my hair….We decided to skip Arlington today because the forecast was for 50% chance of rain (Tommy would have said, “Yes, but there’s a 50% chance it WON’T rain either….”). But also, it was so late when we left the hotel it just made more sense to tackle something smaller.

So after walking back and forth trying to figure out the Metro bus system….and failing……..we snagged a cab that had just dropped a group off at our hotel and told him “Driver! Take us to the Smithsonian!”

Ok, not really. I admit I get intimidated by taxi drivers, so I said, “Hi, um…excuse me? Would you, uh, please be able to, er, take us to the Smithsonian Castle?” He was like, “Sure.” and off we went.

It was very exciting for me to start to see all the buildings and monuments come into view for the first time. TJ was helping me by saying, “Look over here, Mom. No! Over HERE! HERE!!! LOOK WHERE I AM POINTING, WOMAN!!!!!!!” That kid can be bossy, I tell ya.

Well, the first order was to see James Smithson’s burial spot/crypt. It somewhat resembles a holy gravy boat:

And that made us hungry so we had breakfast at the castle café. Then we strolled around the castle exhibits and TJ practiced being a little turd by asking me, “Is it weird that all the stuff you remember is in a museum??” To which I answered, “One day all the stuff YOU remember will be in a museum too!” Not really – I smacked him on the back of the head.

So then we went outside and crossed the National Mall. I was……………………..surprised the grass didn’t look better. I mean, that’s very hypocritical of me, coming from the fact that we have NO grass at the house. But I was like, “C’mon! You are National Blades of Grass!!! Shouldn’t you be living to the best of your abilities?!?” Then TJ told me to shut up and look right:

Squeal,” said Terry. Then TJ said, “Look left.”:

 He refused to pose like he was holding it in his hand. Bummer!! But look how HUMONGEOUS he looks next to the monument! It’s no wonder he wears size 13 shoes!!! Ha ha!

We visited the Museum of American History first, where we saw an amazing exhibition on wars that America has been involved in, with actual uniforms from the Civil War on (insert squeal here). Then we came to a place that had two steel girders from the World Trade Center, and it was very solemn and sad. It seemed incredible to me that I watched those towers fall on live TV, and here was a piece of the South tower’s 70th floor. We also got to see remnants of the Berlin Wall, which was another thing I remember watching on TV.

Things lightened up when I stumbled onto an old bus that YOU COULD GET ON!!!! Ask any of my family members and they will tell you if there is anything interactive or a button to push, I’m all over it. Well, TJ was a little freaked about the model they had posed by the bus, so he wouldn’t take a funny picture. So I had him take one of me instead:

I won’t lie. My first thought was, “What’s with that face???” My second, “Hey! I look pretty darn good!” TJ, after declaring that I did not take a funny picture, posed for me:

TJ the creeper

After a short break for cold bottles of water and a snack (and by “snack” I mean a $5 hot dog), we decided to brave the masses and entered the Natural History Museum. TJ was very excited for me to see the dinosaur exhibit, AND they had a mummy exhibit!

"This actually looks like my mummy!", says TJ

And….Terry did a li-tel shopping (Tom don’t freak when you see the credit card bill, ok?):

Isn’t it weird how people won’t talk about the elephant in the room?


Oh, and Tommy and AJ? We’re bringing home another pet……..

"Please tell me it eats dog food or hay..."

As I wrap up our day (it WAS a short day since we didn’t get started until nearly noon), I’ll tell you that I am SO overwhelmed by the size of the buildings here. Not only do they take up city blocks, they are so high and so close to each other that your eyes can’t take it all in! I took this shot from the mall looking into the Federal Plaza area:

It sure ain’t Casa Grande. Heck, it ain’t Phoenix either!!!! Oh, and I think I’m gonna buy this place and live in it (but they can keep the gravy boat):

Tomorrow we get the White House tour, but I can’t take any pictures (Boo!), but I’ll post a description of everything we see there. We’ll also be going to Arlington (since we have to get up at FIVE O’CLOCK, there’s little chance of getting a late start!).

Thanks for checking out our trip, and big ((((HUGS)))) and kisses to Tommy & AJ!

  1. A.J. permalink

    All I gotta say is….I am NOT picking up the mess after Mr. T. Especially when he/she eats something not good for him/her poisioning and vomits all over the house.

    Can’t wait for the White House update!

  2. Some people are just no fun……….heh! Can you imagine how a T-Rex would react to Ibuprofen?!? Blech!!!!

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