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We’ve arrived!

March 18, 2012

After getting a few hours sleep and waking up at 1:30 finish packing and get ready for the big trip, TJ and I were finally sitting on our Southwest plane headed for Baltimore. Fortunately, we were able to snag a front row seat that gave us plenty of legroom (important when you are traveling with a gigantic teen-age boy); unfortunately, the fellow that sat next to TJ kept falling asleep on him!!! Needless to say, TJ was NOT amused. Consequently, after touching down at BWI, catching our Super Shuttle, and taking an hour and a half van ride to the hotel……TJ was beyond exhausted.

"Me wants nap-nap..."

So we are going to sign off for tonight, get some Chicago style pizza delivered and hit the sack! Lucky for us, we have an amazing room:

So good night for now and look for our post tomorrow evening from Arlington, Virginia!

  1. Tina permalink

    He’ll hate you for that picture one day. Hope you are having better weather there than we are Cold and stormy. Matt and Angie syyped me from russia this AM and said to tell you to find an old post office, someone there should know about it. Supposedly you can go up in it and see all of dc. Can’t go in Washington monument anymore I know how you love heights but thought I’d pass along. Hope you have a great time.

  2. A.J. permalink

    Nana, if you think that pictures is bad….well, let me tell you. There could be worse pictures, so I don’t think he’ll hate her for that one. 😀

    Wow, your room looks really nice! I hope you guys are having a great time! I just read that the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, so get lots of pictures to show me. Please!

    Miss you already and love you both. 🙂

  3. The cherry blossoms are SO GORGEOUS!!! We got a good look at them today on our ride to the mall – so amazing! We’re going back on Thursday, so we are going to get over there and take some snaps.We are really lucky they bloomed early this year. God loves us.

    • Tina permalink

      Oh sure. That’s what I wanted to see and we had to hunt for them. 2010 wasn’t a good year. I’m am so glad you are having a good time.

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