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The countdown begins! TJ and Terry head to Washington DC on March 18th!

March 15, 2012

Just about the time I bet y’all were wondering when the Hoov Crew was going to post a travel blog – your wishes have been granted! Although we aren’t going out of the country this time (TJ refuses to fly across oceans. Silly boy!), TJ is making his 2nd trip to DC and Terry is making her 1st!

The real cherry on the sundae of this trip is we found out last week that we were approved through Senator John McCain’s office for a tour of The White House on March 20th!!!!!! TJ and I are both so excited to go (my mom wasn’t THAT excited for us until she realized she’d toured the Capital building and not The White House – then she got excited….). The crummy thing is, we aren’t allowed to take any pictures inside the property. I’m hoping they’ll have a photographer there, like at Disneyland, that snaps a pic of you in front of something and gives you a photo pass card to purchase in the gift shop. Wishful thinking on my part, I am sure – but you never know!

Regardless of that, I will give an in depth report as to what we saw and how many Secret Service agents we harrassed while we’re there (Example question from TJ: “So….I probably shouldn’t joke about bombing anything while we’re there, huh?). Our tour starts at 7:30 a.m. (!!!) that morning, and as soon as we get back to our room we’ll get online and post what happened and whether or not we’ve been invited to sup with the First Family that evening (they have food in Secret Service prison, right?)

On the other days we’re there, we’re visiing the Crime & Punishment Museum (our family has…..eclectic tastes…..and they have TED BUNDY’S CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and Arlington Cemetery where we’ll pay our respects to an Uncle buried there, Ira Hayes, and the 184 people that are buried there from the attacks on the Pentagon on 9/11. Other than that, we’ll be hitting some museums, memorials, and monuments – and hopefully Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington. I’ve been dreaming of Ray’s sweet potato fries ever since I saw their menu online (thanks anonymous member!). Mmmmmmmm………………………..

So starting March 19th, look for our blogs at the end of the day (and hey, it will actually be the end of BOTH our days -not 8 hours later this time!). Oh, and maybe a picture with the Prez??? You can subscribe to this blog and it will notify you every time a new post is uploaded so you don’t miss any of the fun.

Post at ya soon!

  1. Mammy permalink

    I’m sure Terry will have plenty to say about all of the cemeteries they can get to in WA. She’s loved them since she was a little girl, and wanted to live in the big one in Phoenix. We have a large sum set aside for her mental health care. Love Mom

  2. Ha. Ha. What’s so crazy about loving cemeteries?? Them 99 happy haunts at Disneyland seem very happy to me! *Ttthhhpppttttt!*

  3. Tina permalink

    Interesting . I did not know you too have a cmetary fetish. I don’t miss one, where ever I go and even got Scott and Heather interested in them in ole Miss. Arlington is so awe inspiring and solemn. I’ve been 3 x now and know I have still missed stuff. Gen. Lee’s home is there and there is also a tomb to unknown soldeirs of Civil War, I found by accident and certainly doesn’t get the attention of the other Tomb….which by the way, make sure you do that one on your time so you can get a good spot and really get the real respect for the mission. Audie Murphys grave is also nearby the “Tomb”. I am so jealous I’m not going too….How come you didn’t send me on this one Tom??? Just kidding. I am still reeling from Ireland. I was just re-looking that blog and thinking how awesome a trip that was….we were where history was made. I can’t ever thank you enough for that opportunity. Terry and TJ…I know you will have a great time and God will be with you for a safe trip.

  4. I don’t know if I’d call it a fetish, but I certainly can appreciate the history represented by a cemetery – especially one in our nation’s capital. We have a pretty good idea of what we’re going to be seeing in Arlington, like my uncle’s grave.

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