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Day 4 Ireland 10/16/2011 Part a dó

October 21, 2011

Part deux…..alright, we’ve been jetlagged unbelievably bad, so that’s why this is so late in coming!

See we did learn something while we were here! a dó is two in Gaelic (all right, I admit it. I Googled how to spell it – but I did learn it!)

Back to the Coleman Cathedral!

Like I said in the previous post, the inside of the cathedral was HUGE:

(Hey! I know that lady up there on the right! She’s probably praying for more mini DVDs to record herself talking to…well, herself!)

Leaving the cathedral (after Mom tried to “leave” through a locked door that was probably a holy, sacred door that only priests can touch and is now eternally cursed), we made our way down to the main street in Cobh to see two memorials. The first is the Titanic memorial:

The coolest thing related to the Titanic and Cobh (which was known as Queenstown, but changed back to Cobh after the Republic of Ireland gained it’s independence), is that the White Star Line offices are still standing. We couldn’t go in because it currently is closed, with likely no investors to keep it running in Ireland’s economic recession.

The even cooler thing, though pretty sad, about the White Star Line offices, is that the gate that people walked through to board the Titanic, at its last stop, is hanging at the offices. (Not from Terry: 144 Cobh residents left on the Titanic and only 22 returned. The guide told us that for years it was not unusal to be walking around and bump into a survivor of the Titanic because they all stayed in Cobh upon their return.)

Then, you have the harbour where the Titanic sailed out of. Can’t you just see it sitting out there???

The other memorial in Cobh is a memorial to the people who died when the Lusitania sank. After the ship had sunk, the local fisherman rushed out to try and resuce as many folks as they could from the water. What they ended up doing was bringing the dead back.  Some families claimed their dead. However, those who went unclaimed were buired in Cobh. They are very protecteive of these victims and you’ll not get directions to the cemetery, nor is it on any guided tour. The memorial commemorates the day the ship sank and the dead that are in Cobh cemetaries.

So, to end this blog,for now anyway, let us just sum it up with a few words:

GO VISIT IRELAND!!! It was a beautiful country, but what really made the trip wonderful was the people. They are gracious, warm and friendly – most have an epic sense of humor that we enjoyed very much. And the food was amazing!!!! Hearty and delicious and homemade – what more could a person ask for?

Thanks for following along on our trip. There’ll be more coming in a few months!


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