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Yawn……..we’re here. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

October 14, 2011

This is our first………….and last Guinness. YUCK! LOL!!!! We landed early at Dublin airport, and after waiting for-ev-er for half the country of Ireland to leave the plane, we disembarked………and were the only people in the airport. Seriously. There were, maybe, ten of us total. So after a pit stop to let the three ladies see how ugly they’d become in the previous 12 hours (very), we walked fourteen miles and finally got to the line for customs where we got the meanest looking Irish dude with the nicest attitude ever. Of course, Terry had to sweet talk him and tell him that it was our first trip abroad and we chose to start with the best. He agreed that after Ireland, we could work our way DOWN the list! LOL!! Then we picked up our bags (includin Tina’s lawnmower/suitcase concoction that was getting her quite a bit of attention from the Irish gents and a TON of harrassment from Terry & AJ) and walked another ten miles to get a taxi.

Where we met the nicest taxi driver in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE! He was so nice that Tina and Terry decided they just wanted to keep him, use him as a tour guide, and pack him and import him to the US. And make no mistake, Irish taxi drivers actually care if you live or die on their watch. Imagine the mirror image of any Las Vegas taxi driver, and that was our guy. He was hilariously funny (which we are figuring out is just the way people are here) and extremely helpful in giving us a snapshot on the layout of Dublin.

Ah, Dublin. First of all there is lush, thick, green grass EVERYWHERE! It’s so green you almost can’t believe what you’re seeing. Tina wasn’t too impressed with it, but as AJ pointed out she has the Amazon rain jungle in her front/back yards! Anyway, back to Dublin – it literally felt like someone plunked us down on a Harry Potter movie set. The driver was pointing out their Gaelic football stadium (“seats 82,500 fans”), and I nearly hollered, “When’s the Quiddich start????” I mean, it’s so different here and so………movie perfect that it’s nearly unbelievable! And oddly enough their athlete’s just won their version of the Super Bowl (“first time in 16 years!”) in Gaelic football and these guys work day jobs because they play the sport for the love of the game. The archbishop of Ireland lives at the priest college right off a main boulevard; and the president of Ireland lives in a park!

So, we got to the hotel but we were a bit early….so we decided to get some lunch and strolled (I say strolled, but it was more of a zombie walk of exhaustion. I watched “The Walking Dead” on the flight over – we looked like them….) to a Victorian pub called “Ryan’s” for some grub. Since we were in Ireland, I decided that I would order a glass of Guinness like a real Irishwoman. So my comrades did the same. Now, in the above picture doesn’t it just look so cold, creamy and yummy? Oh, and it smelled so good too! We let it sit for a few minutes (to look like we knew what we were doing) and then I picked it up, sucked down a gulp and………………………………swallowed really hard. It was sorta-kinda good in a really bad way. Let’s put it this way, it bit back! Then I ordered the best minestrone soup (go figure) that I’ve ever tasted and got my first chew of Irish soda bread (SO good!). AJ was going to channel her bro and get a hamburger, but then ordered a chicken ceasar salad, and Tina really stepped out of the box and got……………..a BLT!!!! After some warm soup and bread, and choking down the entire glass of beer (Tommy, you should be very proud of me), I was half way to being in a coma and AJ almost fell off her bar stool quite by accident.

Finally, we got checked into the hotel. After figuring out how to keep the lights on (leave the room key in the little electric ON slot), realizing that Europeans do NOT use drawers to store their clothes, and having the satisfaction of knowing that the tiny vacuum in the bathroom is actually a hair dryer – we took some pictures out our balcony…….

Here is where they brew that terrible stuff!

The architecture here is just incredible. On the left is some building (I’m sure we’ll learn what it is in the next few days). On the right is the Hueston (pronounced: Houston) train station for the Ireland Rail service and their local tram the Luas (pronounced: Lewis). It’s a beautiful building that was buit in the 1800’s and it’s right across the street from us! Seeing it in person is so much better than the picture, it just doens’t do it justice.

Here’s another picture of Heuston.

Well, that’s about all we took pics of today due to exhaustion. As it is, it’s 10:30 am in Arizona and I’ve been up for 28 hours straight. UGH! My little world traveler (the 21 year old I’m sharing my room with) is sacked out sawing logs, and I think it’s high time I joined her. Yep, jet lag STINKS! LOL!!!

Feel free to comment and ask questions. I’ll answer, if I can. Look for more pictures after tomorrows day of sightseeing.

Good night, and I love you Tommy & TJ.


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  1. Kendel permalink

    You guys forgot me! I have always wanted to go to Ireland. Oh well gooduck! Take lots of Pictures for me!

  2. mom Frazier---daughter Cindy permalink

    Cindy was here getting my new pc “up” and enjoyed the blog SO MUCH!!!! Keep it coming—very humorous blog–specially when one knows who is being referree tso

  3. Kendel, had we only known! We’d have moved Heaven and earth to bring you with us!! Well, maybe next time?

  4. Kathy and Gene permalink

    Enjoying this virtual tour of Ireland via this blog. Looking forward to reading the next, and the next, etc entries and pics. Are all of you writing the blog? Or is one designated as the writer? Might be nice to see a paragraph or two from each of you every day!

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